Isn’t it all about #Risk and #Alignment? at the #EIC12 Conference in Munich

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012 I just arrived at this conference which is hosted by analysts Kuppinger Cole and has grown into a major watering-hole for players in several related spaces. Check out the speaker roster to see. I shall be sharing the intro keynote with Martin Kuppinger and then moderating the plenaries through … Continue reading

We Need to Talk – about #Twitter: Reciprocal Knowledge Engine PLUS

Some time back I wrote and then revised a piece on both my Twitter use and the power of Twitter as a machine for building knowledge through mutual or reciprocal curation – what perhaps we can designate a “reciprocal knowledge engine. ” Google just told me that it could not find the phrase, so it … Continue reading

Leadership 2.0? #Corpgov #Risk #Twitter

@dorieclark’s post on transparency and leadership draws attention to both the need and the opportunity that social media offer executive leaders to put themselves out there, known by their stakeholders. Yes and yes, but there’s more. The famous example of Paul Levy’s blog on how to run a hospital dates way back to 2006 (!); … Continue reading

Social in the C Suite #sm #CEO

TechCrunch has a handy list of pros and cons of CEOs engaging in the dark arts of blogging. They’re a little pedestrian and sometimes off-message (where did don’t micromanage your staff come from?) and I’m not sure whether they get to the real point. Because the real point is not whether the CEO is a … Continue reading

Global Risk, Planetary Pressure, and Rolling down to Rio(+20)

Global Risk: Is the Planet under Pressure? Nigel Cameron expands on the comments he made at the science prepcon for upcoming Rio+20, hosted by the Royal Society in London – on the climate/sustainability debate and the nature of such global processes. A risk perspective is key.   Rolling down to Rio: Global Risk and Global … Continue reading

Social Risk: Seems CIOs think Social is beneath them

Mark Fidelman’s striking Forbes survey of CIOs and their near-consensus non-engagement with social media has set the cat among the pigeons. At least on Twitter. Question is whether anyone in the C-suite cares. If the CIO thinks this stuff we do is for teens, looks like all those other Cs are off the hook. His … Continue reading

Rolling down to Rio

Rolling down to Rio: The Twin Challenges of Global Process: Sustaining Credibility and Engaging Dissent Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Washington, DC I spent this past week at Planet under Pressure (PuP), a global conference on sustainability and climate convened in London under the eminent auspices of the Royal … Continue reading

VALUES AND THE VALUE CHAIN: APPLE, FOXCONN, AND THE NEW CSR?   VALUES AND THE VALUE CHAIN Apple, Foxconn – and a new day for American consumers, Chinese manufacturers, and more besides.   Nigel M. de S. Cameron   The opening of Foxconn to an American TV crew marks, to use an old term apt here, an epoch in the several histories of CSR, outsourcing, … Continue reading

#CSR, #Outsourcing, #Apple, and #China

My latest column for the US Chamber of Commerce: CSR and the Burden of Outsourcing: Apple opens the door Nigel M. de S. Cameron We all know what makes Asian nations so interesting to innovative western manufacturers. 1. Highly skilled labor that is relatively cheap (though slowly equalizing with the developed world); and 2. Highly … Continue reading

It’s coming. Privacy as biz model. Finally.

I’ve been arguing for a long time that biz model will surface in which privacy drives value. Now we have one. Here’s a search engine that explicitly refuses to implicate your ID date in your search effort. And it does not charge. My view has been that small fees, ad hoc or monthly, by social … Continue reading