We Need to Talk – about #Twitter: Reciprocal Knowledge Engine PLUS

Some time back I wrote and then revised a piece on both my Twitter use and the power of Twitter as a machine for building knowledge through mutual or reciprocal curation – what perhaps we can designate a “reciprocal knowledge engine. ” Google just told me that it could not find the phrase, so it … Continue reading

Leadership 2.0? #Corpgov #Risk #Twitter

@dorieclark’s post on transparency and leadership draws attention to both the need and the opportunity that social media offer executive leaders to put themselves out there, known by their stakeholders. Yes and yes, but there’s more. The famous example of Paul Levy’s blog on how to run a hospital dates way back to 2006 (!); … Continue reading

Rolling down to Rio

Rolling down to Rio: The Twin Challenges of Global Process: Sustaining Credibility and Engaging Dissent Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Washington, DC I spent this past week at Planet under Pressure (PuP), a global conference on sustainability and climate convened in London under the eminent auspices of the Royal … Continue reading

Vivek Wadhwa and the Facebook IPO

Facebook and the big IPO letdown – The Washington Post. Vivek’s commentaries are among the most stimulating out there. He only ever shoots from the hip. And, shifting metaphors, he knows his onions. As entrepreneur, biz school researcher in more of them than I can remember, and now leading academics at the singular Singularity University … Continue reading

Facebook meets European Privacy

Austrian Law Student Faces Down Facebook – NYTimes.com. There are so many issues raised at the interface of Europe, the United States, the Facebook IPO, privacy in general, the future of the internet, the cloud, the internet of things . . . goodness, on and on it goes; the complex and fast-evolving nerve-system of 21st … Continue reading