Why Spaces, Places, Matter – and Questions #SOBCon #risk #strategy

I’ve just emerged from SOBCon in its hometown, Chicago, with gratitude to @LizStrauss for the invitation and her colleague Terry @Starbucker St Marie. Some quick thoughts after a remarkable weekend as the long tail of posts, tweets, texts, continues to flow. More thoughts may follow. SOBCon is a conference like no other – in which … Continue reading

Placing a price on research; #HBR blog on #innovation and the long term . . . .

Anne Marie Knott from Wash U biz school raises briefly a profound question: how to maintain a major R and D budget when returns are graded quarterly and markets fluctuate by the second. Which always makes me realize how much better, in fact, is our corporate decision-making than it really should be. Out there is … Continue reading

We Need to Talk – about #Twitter: Reciprocal Knowledge Engine PLUS

Some time back I wrote and then revised a piece on both my Twitter use and the power of Twitter as a machine for building knowledge through mutual or reciprocal curation – what perhaps we can designate a “reciprocal knowledge engine. ” Google just told me that it could not find the phrase, so it … Continue reading

Social in the C Suite #sm #CEO

TechCrunch has a handy list of pros and cons of CEOs engaging in the dark arts of blogging. They’re a little pedestrian and sometimes off-message (where did don’t micromanage your staff come from?) and I’m not sure whether they get to the real point. Because the real point is not whether the CEO is a … Continue reading

Rolling down to Rio

Rolling down to Rio: The Twin Challenges of Global Process: Sustaining Credibility and Engaging Dissent Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Washington, DC I spent this past week at Planet under Pressure (PuP), a global conference on sustainability and climate convened in London under the eminent auspices of the Royal … Continue reading

Vivek Wadhwa and the Facebook IPO

Facebook and the big IPO letdown – The Washington Post. Vivek’s commentaries are among the most stimulating out there. He only ever shoots from the hip. And, shifting metaphors, he knows his onions. As entrepreneur, biz school researcher in more of them than I can remember, and now leading academics at the singular Singularity University … Continue reading

Google Offers To Pay People!

Google Offers To Pay People To Have Their Web Use Tracked Minutely | TechCrunch. This is fascinating. I have been saying for a long time – mainly on Twitter, where no-one has picked it up – that it amazes me that neither Google nor Facebook nor another of the tracker/analytics brands has troubled to offer … Continue reading

On the Innovation of DC: Washington’s Witching Word in Century 21

Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies Washington, DC These past weeks, C-PET’s Network on Innovation has been hosting conversations at the fateful meeting-point of past and future – and the witching word of Century 21. The I-word. The word that, at the end of the day, will open or close … Continue reading

Innovating our innovation talk: how do we raise the game in DC?

Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Washington, DC The most difficult issues are always those closely connected with many more. So it is with innovation. We don’t have a simple definition, though we have parameters. We know it doesn’t just refer to technology. We know the smartest inventors may not … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mash-up: Innovation in Washington?

In Aspen with Tom Lehrer on my Mind Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies Once a Tom Lehrer fan, always one; at least, you can’t keep him out of your head. So I was sitting in Aspen at the TPI innovation conference a week or two back, and this time … Continue reading