Leadership in the Exaclasm

Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies Washington, DC When teens say TMI it means they don’t want embarrassing details. But Eric Schmidt, Mr. Google, has the ultimate TMI facts: until 2003, he states with customary Delphic authority, the world had created 5 exabytes of data. By 2010, we do it … Continue reading

Innovating our innovation talk: how do we raise the game in DC?

Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Washington, DC The most difficult issues are always those closely connected with many more. So it is with innovation. We don’t have a simple definition, though we have parameters. We know it doesn’t just refer to technology. We know the smartest inventors may not … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mash-up: Innovation in Washington?

In Aspen with Tom Lehrer on my Mind Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies Once a Tom Lehrer fan, always one; at least, you can’t keep him out of your head. So I was sitting in Aspen at the TPI innovation conference a week or two back, and this time … Continue reading

What Technology itself is up to

I’m interested in the way in which the mainstream media have begun to pick up on developments and ideas in the technosphere. Of course, they have a very long way to go. But they are on their way. Which is good for technology and, indeed, the rest of us. Is “technology” to be considered, as … Continue reading

What is Emerging from the WH?

News a couple weeks back that the Office of Science and Technology Policy had established an inter-agency working group on emerging technologies was tantalizing – and potentially important. Its announcement by means of the OSTP blog means that we know about it but not very much. It was described as “part of an effort to … Continue reading

The Singularity reaches the NY Times (via NASA and the business section)

The emerging technologies are beginning to emerge, at least into the higher echelons of the culture. First it was synthetic biology in the New Yorker, now the Singularity in the NY Times. Interestingly, the business section of the NYT. Which all goes to show that some of us have been right to look to savvy … Continue reading

ERBI 2009: Technology Networking and Peripheral Vision in Cambridge

The largest networking conference for European biotechs is hosted every summer by ERBI (acronyms tend to turn into names as they outgrow their original scope, and so it is with this one). The Cambridge BioPartnering Exchange. Participants were mainly UK-based, with a large number headquartered in and around Cambridge (where else, given the research, business, … Continue reading

A Bridge to Somewhere: the Tech Policy Summit (and C-PET’s Agenda)

Tech Policy Central‘s annual Summit this past week in San Mateo brought together luminaries from several worlds. In three packed days of panels, discussion flowed widely and expertly across fields from IP to broadband access to the haunting problem of the perceived lack of sympathetic understanding of the federal government for the tech community. Highlights … Continue reading

Prospecting C-PET

The Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies (C-PET – say it see-pet, and think C-SPAN) has been a work in progress for two years, during which time we have built up an increasingly respected presence on the technology policy arena. We have many people involved – some “big names” and some behind-the-scenes volunteers; we have … Continue reading