California’s Golden Opportunity – #innovation #China

  Dire budgetary news from California has become as tedious and predictable as the latest on its educational failings, tumbling from the top ranks of American higher education to way down the rankings. We know part of the reason, which is tax initiatives that ave crimped the state’s ability to undergird what were once world-leading … Continue reading

#SocialEntrepreneurship, #CSR, and the #Imagination

I was delighted to join the Ideation conference in Chicago earlier this week, and can do no better than link with @tonyshen’s 22 learnings which sum up the impact of a series of terrific presentations from some of the most brilliant people in the social enterprise scene and its environs (link below). Charles Lee and … Continue reading

We are now Post-IT: the Problematics of the #CIO – #CFO #CMO too. Chief Knowledge Broker.

Some weeks back we discussed the fact that Fortune 250 CIOs have remarkably limited engagement in social media. Indeed, it is so remarkably limited that there should be a slew of vacancies – once their bosses work out what is (not) going on. Now comes a report that both underlines the seriousness of this situation … Continue reading

#Hashtags and the #Twitter Power of Simplicity

Someone famous once said (was it Einstein) that we must seek not the simplicity that lies on the nearside of complexity, but on the far side. This isn’t a comment on our political malaise (though it could be) but on the best example the digital world has yet produced of the astonishing power that lies … Continue reading

Why Spaces, Places, Matter – and Questions #SOBCon #risk #strategy

I’ve just emerged from SOBCon in its hometown, Chicago, with gratitude to @LizStrauss for the invitation and her colleague Terry @Starbucker St Marie. Some quick thoughts after a remarkable weekend as the long tail of posts, tweets, texts, continues to flow. More thoughts may follow. SOBCon is a conference like no other – in which … Continue reading

#Bubble Talk – and the problem of #disruption – and Life in the #Kink

Henry Blodget has just posted a slide deck detailing start-up financing and arguing against the Bubble hypothesis. Here it is: Fair enough. But as I have argued before, there is a core problem attaching to the mega-brands and, of course, on all our minds, at the moment, Facebook. Which is that disruption is the … Continue reading

#Digital Imperatives? #CMO

What astonishes me is that “digital” is seen as some sort of novelty. It’s been the core of our communications and the driver of business for nearly a generation. Bizarrely, it still looks like tomorrow. It’s today. Um, yesterday. So: What we need is integration to the degree that digital/social is seen as the baseline … Continue reading