Social in the C Suite #sm #CEO

TechCrunch has a handy list of pros and cons of CEOs engaging in the dark arts of blogging. They’re a little pedestrian and sometimes off-message (where did don’t micromanage your staff come from?) and I’m not sure whether they get to the real point. Because the real point is not whether the CEO is a … Continue reading

Global Risk, Planetary Pressure, and Rolling down to Rio(+20)

Global Risk: Is the Planet under Pressure? Nigel Cameron expands on the comments he made at the science prepcon for upcoming Rio+20, hosted by the Royal Society in London – on the climate/sustainability debate and the nature of such global processes. A risk perspective is key.   Rolling down to Rio: Global Risk and Global … Continue reading

Social Risk: Seems CIOs think Social is beneath them

Mark Fidelman’s striking Forbes survey of CIOs and their near-consensus non-engagement with social media has set the cat among the pigeons. At least on Twitter. Question is whether anyone in the C-suite cares. If the CIO thinks this stuff we do is for teens, looks like all those other Cs are off the hook. His … Continue reading