VALUES AND THE VALUE CHAIN: APPLE, FOXCONN, AND THE NEW CSR?   VALUES AND THE VALUE CHAIN Apple, Foxconn – and a new day for American consumers, Chinese manufacturers, and more besides.   Nigel M. de S. Cameron   The opening of Foxconn to an American TV crew marks, to use an old term apt here, an epoch in the several histories of CSR, outsourcing, … Continue reading

#CSR, #Outsourcing, #Apple, and #China

My latest column for the US Chamber of Commerce: CSR and the Burden of Outsourcing: Apple opens the door Nigel M. de S. Cameron We all know what makes Asian nations so interesting to innovative western manufacturers. 1. Highly skilled labor that is relatively cheap (though slowly equalizing with the developed world); and 2. Highly … Continue reading

It’s coming. Privacy as biz model. Finally.

I’ve been arguing for a long time that biz model will surface in which privacy drives value. Now we have one. Here’s a search engine that explicitly refuses to implicate your ID date in your search effort. And it does not charge. My view has been that small fees, ad hoc or monthly, by social … Continue reading

Apple’s Fair Labor decision: inspections to begin

Apple’s decision to sign on to Fair Labor is potentially of enormous significance both for the U.S. tech sector – it is hard to see anyone not following suit – and for the Chinese labor force. Having established a lean, highly responsive, and quality-assured supply chain, now is indeed the time to address fundamental issues … Continue reading

Sustainability? Ask the CFO, says KPMG   It’s all very well for CSR people to jump up and down and tell every stakeholder in sight that sustainability efforts will help all round. But it’s quite another thing if the CFO thinks that way too. In this striking report based on interviews with hundreds of CFOs of global companies it’s very … Continue reading

Vivek Wadhwa and the Facebook IPO

Facebook and the big IPO letdown – The Washington Post. Vivek’s commentaries are among the most stimulating out there. He only ever shoots from the hip. And, shifting metaphors, he knows his onions. As entrepreneur, biz school researcher in more of them than I can remember, and now leading academics at the singular Singularity University … Continue reading

Google Offers To Pay People!

Google Offers To Pay People To Have Their Web Use Tracked Minutely | TechCrunch. This is fascinating. I have been saying for a long time – mainly on Twitter, where no-one has picked it up – that it amazes me that neither Google nor Facebook nor another of the tracker/analytics brands has troubled to offer … Continue reading

Facebook meets European Privacy

Austrian Law Student Faces Down Facebook – There are so many issues raised at the interface of Europe, the United States, the Facebook IPO, privacy in general, the future of the internet, the cloud, the internet of things . . . goodness, on and on it goes; the complex and fast-evolving nerve-system of 21st … Continue reading