On Risk and the Costa Concordia

Mulling, here, on risk and the complexity and pace of change . . . and while a fuller piece takes shape, here’s a quick look at a very traditional disaster. The tragicomic story of the Costa Concordia. At 110,000 tonnes one of the largest ships ever built, she’s lying on her side off an Italian island as … Continue reading

Intestinal Fortitude, please! Reporters without Borders to Twitter with Borders

Letter to Twitter Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey urging him not to cooperate with censors – Reporters Without Borders. Well, here you have it: a full court press, as it were, on behalf not of twitterati but those who have been there, done that, and are doing it – and representing their colleagues unable to do … Continue reading

That Twitter Announcement

The tweetstream has been flowing today with quite  a variety of responses to the announcement on Twitter’s blog that they now have the capacity to take down tweets within individual countries while leaving them accessible to everyone else. That seems to be the key statement. Some have welcomed this is a reasonable response to legal … Continue reading

Sober somber post-SOPA: Six lessons

In the explosion of comment, one or two from me. C-PET is hosting a telecon in a couple of weeks with various views around the table; who knows what stage the debate will be at by then. (Email emily.stubbs at c-pet.org for info.) 1. It’s hard not to reflect that we have just seen a … Continue reading

Is email going out with 2011? Craig Newmark thinks so

Part of the perennial problem with our assessing both individual digital tools like email and the huge digital brands that have rapidly developed is our being schooled in a way of thinking in which Situation A is replaced, traumatically but clearly, by Situation B. The idea that Situation B is one in which there is … Continue reading

Murdoch 2

The curious case of the faux Wendi Deng will not soon be forgotten, though its explanation would seem to lie in ad hoc decision-making in generally well-ordered corporations (News International and of course Twitter) during a holiday weekend. Plus of course a smart fraudster, male it now seems, whose restraint led to a strange verisimilitude when after … Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter; a sign for 2012

The emergence of a Twitter account yesterday in @rupertmurdoch’s name set off a flurry of comment, much of it skeptical. It looked authentic to me and I said so. Now it’s verified, and @wendi_deng his wife is also tweeting (hers as yet unverified, though I think it’s for real and have enjoyed a couple of … Continue reading