Contacting the Future: two efforts in NYC

I rather like going to conferences in pairs. Something about parallax. Seeing through two eyes; a 3-D on the material that can give insights unplanned by either set of planners. I went to three in a week last summer, and here’s what resulted: Still digesting this week’s pair of offerings, but some preliminary reflections … Continue reading

Steve Jobs dies; a generation ends

Steve Jobs dies; a generation ends I never met Steve Jobs. Never even tried. I now regret it, of course. Even to shake a hand and chat for five minutes offers a connection unmediated by the various departments of the press. And I have done that with all kinds of people. But he’s gone, and … Continue reading


BUILDING GLOBAL ALIGNMENT: A PLANETARY INITIATIVE ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FORDEVELOPMENT. THE UNESCO HIGH PANEL Nigel M. de S. Cameron Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Washington, DC I am just back from Paris, where I joined in part of ameeting of a high-level body convened to address one of the most pressingissues on the planet: … Continue reading