The Privacy Agenda

My Take C-PET’s latest Roundtable: Privacy and Emerging Technologies Nigel M. de S. Cameron, President and CEO Questions raised at the interface of privacy and emerging technologies go far beyond recent controversies over the way Google, Facebook and other social media giants use our information. (As the saying goes, we ain’t seen nothing yet: what … Continue reading

Privacy Panel

Preparations for our Roundtable on privacy and emerging technologies are now complete: tomorrow’s event will be fascinating as it brings together industry and civil society perspectives. My suspicion is that privacy, in its many aspects, is emerging as perhaps the single biggest issue of the 21st century. Yet the said 21st century has yet to … Continue reading

The UEA Climate Mess

News that the third committee looking into the scandal that lately enveloped the UK’s lead climate center at the University of East Anglia (UEA) has finally delivered its report, and while clearing the top scientist involve of dishonesty chastised him for much else, raises all kinds of issues. As is widely recognized, the hacking of … Continue reading

What Technology itself is up to

I’m interested in the way in which the mainstream media have begun to pick up on developments and ideas in the technosphere. Of course, they have a very long way to go. But they are on their way. Which is good for technology and, indeed, the rest of us. Is “technology” to be considered, as … Continue reading

Rights and Expectations

News that Finland has taken the lead in making broadband access a “legal right” has been quickly followed by the report from a major UK foundation that it is now regarded as part of a social baseline – those items “no longer regarded as luxuries but as essentials.” When one goes on to read the … Continue reading

Form and Function and Print

News that movable type is on its way out in China, where it was invented (pre-Gutenberg) and has involved using and storing upwards of 4,000 characters (versus the alphabets of western languages), offers a potent reminder of the gains and losses of transformative technologies. In juxtaposition: a jeremiad from Luke Johnson, the UK business leader … Continue reading