Predicting the American Future

I can predict one thing about the future with confidence: the “August” issue of the Smithsonian magazine will tell us what Americans think about the somewhat more distant future (2050). Whether they are right is another matter. But it’s good they are thinking. Unless we have some clear notion of what is likely to happen … Continue reading

What is Emerging from the WH?

News a couple weeks back that the Office of Science and Technology Policy had established an inter-agency working group on emerging technologies was tantalizing – and potentially important. Its announcement by means of the OSTP blog means that we know about it but not very much. It was described as “part of an effort to … Continue reading

The Singularity reaches the NY Times (via NASA and the business section)

The emerging technologies are beginning to emerge, at least into the higher echelons of the culture. First it was synthetic biology in the New Yorker, now the Singularity in the NY Times. Interestingly, the business section of the NYT. Which all goes to show that some of us have been right to look to savvy … Continue reading